Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm Back...Finally...

I realize that I haven't posted in almost two years now. You may have heard that my sister has a blog now, right? Well, seeing her blog made me remember mine...and the fact that I can't even find it on Google anymore because I haven't posted in so now I'm here and I'm going to try to post more regularly now, although I will probably fall behind again.

Now that I'm here again, I guess we should get reacquainted. I'm Bee, and I'm eleven years old now! Well, technically eleven and three quarters, I only have three months to go until I'm twelve. I need to update my little "About Me" sidebar thingy because I haven't changed it in about three and a half years. Dance and music are still my two favorite interests, and I finally got a cell phone about a year ago! I got a new one a few months ago because my mom wanted to sign it up with a cell service called Kajeet so that she could control who and when I text. Apparently I used to text kind of obsessively...and constantly...and I had contacts like The Perfect Blend chocolate she thought this would be a better idea.

Tonight we went for a bike ride around town. That didn't go so great. Mom was a nervous wreck because there was a highway and lots of roads to cross, and five of us that had to make it across safely. DJ got tired quickly. And then he had to pee. We were preparing to cross the highway to get back home, and he finally told us that he couldn't make it home without having an accident. So he went behind a telephone pole, in plain view of any customers at the grocery store directly behind the pole. And let me tell you, DJ is quite the distance pee-er. There happened to be one of our friends from church driving by at that moment. We are dreading Sunday morning now.

 Cakesie's latest obsession is the new Disney movie Frozen. She has a closet full of Frozen toys, draws detailed pictures of all the characters in the movie, and talks about it NON-STOP. Also, I don't know if you heard this from Mom, but her latest tick is clicking her tongue. She does it constantly. Add that to the tuneless humming and the yelling and screaming, and she can be almost unbearable. But she's fun, and I don't know what I would do without her.

 DJ is in the midst of his dinosaur obsession. Actually, he has been for a while. He's just so fascinated by anything prehistoric, and he identifies himself as a paleontologist. He can recite every name of every dinosaur that ever lived, from Homocephale to Streutheomimus (I probably didn't spell those right). He gets so very excited when he sees something that has to do with dinosaurs. For instance, if we are walking through an aisle in the grocery store and he spots a package of Tyrannosaurus Rex paper plates for a birthday party or something, he will shout, loud enough for everyone on the other side of the store to hear him, "MOMMY! LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK I FOUND DINOSAUR PLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Our family definitely hasn't gotten any more perfect over the last couple of years, but that's what keeps the blogs going. If we were absolutely perfect, how boring would we be? Our adventures are definitely something to write about, and I hope you enjoy reading. Thanks for following my blog throughout the years and watching my writing progress as I get older. I hope you will keep reading, and I appreciate your patience as I fall behind on my posting



  1. Yay! You're back! That's the nice thing about adding blogs to my blog roll ... no matter how long in between posts, I am sure to catch a good read when you post. You are a TERRIFIC writer! Keep up the great posts.

    1. Aww! Thanks Susan, I really appreciate it. :)

  2. By the way, readers, my mom told me that now that I'm older, you are able to know my first name instead of my nickname. I'm Hayley, and Beth is short for Elizabeth, which is my middle name.

  3. It's wonderful that you're writing again! Thank you for catching us up on the family! I've been reading your moms blog since 2008 so I feel like I've known you for years :) Janel in NJ

  4. You've got a natural gift for story telling and writing. How lucky for you. I hope you keep writing!