Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Trip to the Zoo

On Memorial Day (Monday), Mommy & Daddy drove me and my little sister to the zoo. It was long 2 1/2 hours there and back, but it was worth it! This is a list of the animals I saw at the zoo:

Birds: There were lots of birds at that zoo. I mean lots. There were 2 Bald Eagles, a peacock, tons of parakeets, a golden headed tamarin, a guinea fowl, 3 scarlett macaws, 2 gold finches, quite a few ducks, 2 ostriches, 18 flamingos, about 25 swans, and some penguins.

There was a male and female bald eagle, and a male and female ostrich.

Reptiles: Of course they had all the gross reptiles, like boa constrictors and lizards (I have to admit the little gecko was kind of cute), but they also had turtles and tortoises. The tortoises were so big and so slow, at first I thought they were statues! The boa constrictor was the longest snake I’ve ever seen.

Mammals: Lions, tigers, snow leopards, giraffes, lemurs, sea lions, seals, servals, Japanese macaques, gibbons, prairie dogs, otters, camels, sloths, red pandas, and wallabies. Phew! Now that was hard work.

Amphibians: Frogs. There was a poison dart frog that was really fat and BLUE. Cool, right?

Fish: Koi, African cichlids, jellyfish, 6 different kinds of starfish, eels, and a whole tank of other fish. We got to feed the koi, and the African cichlids are the tallest, thinnest fish I’ve ever seen.

And my favorite exhibit, the dinosaurs! They’re just robots, but they’re awesome. I got my picture taken with the T-Rex. Anyways, I’m done typing now. I’m going to go watch WALL-E with my sister. See ya!


  1. Sounds like ya'll had alot of fun! I always loved the Zoo! =D

  2. I love going to the zoo. We live near Portland, Oregon and they have a fantastic zoo. My favorite exhibit is the bat cave.

  3. Cassie, I've always loved the zoo, also!;) Madeline, I did have a lot of fun. SuddenlySusan, the zoo we went to didn't have a bat cave, but my favorite exhibit is the, well it's not really an exhibit, but I like elephants.