Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pajama Party, YAY!

Yesterday at school, we got to have a pajama party. We got to have a pajama party because in our classroom, we have an empty jelly jar. It has two strips of tape, one on each side. We have to work together as a class, to use poofballs to fill up the jar to the tape line. Then, if we fill the jar up to the tape line, we get to vote for which kind of party we want. This time we picked a pajama party. I wore my brand new pajamas, and brought my Build-a-Bear, Pinky, my Ariel pillow and my Snuggie.

We had to have it yesterday because it's almost the last day of school. Just two more days left. But I'll miss my friends and my teacher. But I still can't wait until summer. Because after summer comes 2nd grade. And my teacher is teaching 2nd grade!

Oh, and one more thing. Baby D.J. is finally born. He is so cute.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I can't wait! Baby Daniel will be born in 20 days! On Monday, we will get to see him once before he is born. I also hope that mommy feels better soon. When he is born, I will help by changing poopy diapers. When he is a little bigger, I will play catch with him. Bye!